Bex Takes On Nantucket For The First Time

Before moving to Boston - I always heard about how gorgeous Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard were. So when I got here - it topped my bucket list.

Finally with the warm weather - I ventured off on my first Nantucket trip & found some of my favorite spots along the way

Of course, I needed some help! My coworkers were filled with plenty of recommendations & direction on how to navigate my trip. One even printed a map with all his favorite bars, restaurants & must see spots.

Getting There:

Traveling to Nantucket was an adventure but definitely felt like part of the experience. I hopped in my Jeep & headed to Hyannis to catch the ferry. I did get stuck in some Friday Cape traffic but once I got to the ferry it was smooth sailing & a lot of fun! Grabbed a drink & enjoyed the ride (with some pretty views)!


The Gazebo - a mudslide from the Gazebo was the recommendation I kept getting from everyone -- so I had to do it! The Gazebo was a really fun spot to grab a drink outside & chill out. The mudslide was as delicious as everyone said it would... literally a chocolate milkshake with liquor! :)

Cisco Brewery - Cisco Brewery is the perfect midday trip! We popped over there for their infamous Blueberry Vodka (they make all their own Vodka) and some fresh seafood! There was a live band & outdoor seating. LOVED it!

The Tree Bar: I was hoping to make it to the Chicken Box because everyone recommended but the line was insane so we made our way to the Tree bar and I'm glad we did. Definitely a chill night out but had a great time drinking & enjoying the beautiful summer night!


So, what I learned was you're either eating, drinking or biking in Nantucket.. which is exactly what vacation should be.

Below are some of my favorite spots to grab a bite:

Cru - this place had the best lobster role but even more lobster bisque. Literally, I want to go back just so I can eat both! Also, the view overlooking the dock was pretty amazing. There was a DJ playing some good much... I'd definitely recommend for dinner & drinks.

Provisions - Loved provisions to grab a quick bite to eat. Their breakfast sandwiches are delicious but the turkey delight feels like thanksgiving in the middle of your July!

B-ACK Yard BBQ - We popped into B-ACK Yard BBQ for a quick drink & ended up ordering way too much food... that was worth it! The lobster empanadas were AMAZING.

The Juice Bar - I obviously had to try the Juice Bar after all the crap Billy talked about it! :) Decided to go midday to try & skip the massive line... and it worked! We got right in.. but I made an epic mistake. Instead of getting homemade hard ice cream -- I froze & ended up with soft serve. Not going to lie, tasted like a Wendy's frostie - which I LOVE but wasn't anything out of this world. Next time.. hard ice cream is a must! Got a cute pic though! hah

All in all - love my Nantucket trip & can't wait to go back! If you have any recommendations for trip #2 -- send them my way! :)

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