Why Don't We Teases New Music, New Member At Kiss 108 Jingle Ball

Kiss 108's Billy Costa sits down with Why Don't We members Zach Herron, Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, and Jonah Marais backstage at our Kiss 108 Jingle Ball.

"I like to think of my son Dylan as pretty fashionable," Billy shares with the guys, "and the first thing he said to me tonight was, Why Don't We are the best dressed guys in music."

The guys immediately erupt in cheers and "aww's," pointing to Dylan backstage.

"Dylan, did you really say that?" Daniel asks. "If you want to join the band..."

After playing over 90 shows worldwide in 2019 alone, the boys are looking forward to some much needed time off.

"We were on the road for the year," Daniel admits, "I think the most time we had home was 7 days."

"So we're actually gonna go home for a good amount of time... make an album," Zach explains.

But that doesn't mean the work will stop. "It's not off, it's more like working at home and working on our music."

"We're taking some time off to make an album," Jonah follows up.

Why Don't We | Kiss 108 Jingle Ball

Can't get enough? Check out the full interview below!

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