Gronk, Make-A-Wish Make Local Teen’s Super Bowl Dream Come True

The literal dream team of Rob Gronkowski and Make-A-Wish gave one local New England Patriots fan the surprise of a lifetime on New Year’s Eve. Gronk surprised 17-year-old Aiden Clark of Ware with Super Bowl tickets and autographed Pats gear during a live New Year’s Eve broadcast on FOX.

Clark told WBZ-TV that meeting his football hero may have been the best night of his life. “It’s like winning the lottery,” he said.

Starting when he was just six years old, Clark began suffering from seizures. Over time, his condition worsened to the point where he couldn’t go to school.

Then, two years ago, doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital performed laser ablation surgery on Aiden’s brain, significantly improving his condition. Since then, he has been able to return to school and even participates in school sports, according to his father.

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