Study: Massachusetts is Second Best State to Live in U.S.; N.H. is #1

New England is THE place to live, according to a recent study. The six northeastern states were ranked among the top 20 best places to live in America this year, according to HomeSnacks’ annual report “The 10 Best States to Live in America for 2020.”

New Hampshire was ranked #1 overall, followed by Massachusetts at #2. New Hampshire took the top spot for the third consecutive year. The state was found to have the lowest crime rate in the country and the least number of people living in poverty. The unemployment rate was also a factor – HomeSnacks described it as “basically zero.”

Massachusetts’ second-place finish was thanks in large part to its reported $74,000 average household income. While it’s easy to view high home prices as a negative, HomeSnacks actually sees it as a sign that the Bay State is an in-demand place to live.

Rounding out the top ten were Connecticut (#5), Vermont (#6) and Rhode Island (#9). Maine (#18) also landed in the top 20.

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

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