Donating All Those Purged Clothes from Covid-19? Think Again

My goal when I turned 30 this year was to revamp my style. I was SO use to buying fast fashion through college and wearing whatever was in my roommates closet. This year I wanted to purge, purge, and purge again ( how convenient Covid-19.) You know the girls at work or in your friend group that have a cool, unique style all on their own? That's what I wanted, but I wanted it to be mine ( not something i saw on Instagram.)

I'm still working on it, but discovered I'm a jeans a T-shirt kind of girl who needs to be able to transition ( when i AM on the move) and still look cute. I've tried third party sites like Stitch Fix because i also discovered I DO NOT like shopping.

In the hunt to recreate my style I found that Thrifting always has, always will be a trend but its gotten increasingly more popular. Let me clarify- I'm not a "thrifter" ( because it takes a lot of time) but I admire the unique style it can give and its sustainability efforts for the environment.

I found this article and thought of you. If you are purging your closet and have some pieces you think are worth selling over sharing with friend (or just dumping in the bin,) check it out!

They say that:

Frye, Coach, Kate Spade and Patagiona and more have really high resale value.

Sure it takes a little work ( hello iPhone) but you could make SOME cash and maybe reinvent your swag too.

Here's the article

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