Cam Newton Says “Farewell Carolina, Hello New England” In New Video

A day after reportedly signing a deal with New England, Cam Newton released a video Monday, saying farewell to Carolina Panthers fans and “Let’s Get To Work” to Patriots Nation. That sounds like a message Bill Belichick can get behind.

The majority of Newton’s video focuses on his time in Carolina and his feelings towards parting ways with the team that he, until now, had spent his entire NFL career with. “Right now, I feel angry, I feel let down,” Newton said. “But, at the same time, I’m not bitter. You know what I mean? I know, since the first day that I came into this league, that this day was going to come.”

“I never once wanted to leave Carolina,” Newton said. “Don’t let them make you believe anything else. It was their decision. I stuck with it and I knew that, so I asked for a trade.”

The video also features a montage of Newton’s road to recovery, following surgery he underwent in December to repair a fracture in his left foot. The injury played a significant part in the quarterback’s unsigned status before now.

The video is all hype for Patriots Nation from then on out, with Newton warning other teams around the league “I’m at your neck” around the five-minute mark. Finally, in Patriots-esqe fashion, we simply see the team logo, followed by the words “Let’s Get To Work.”

(PHOTO: Getty Images)