My Covid-19 Testing Experience.

Over the 4th of July weekend I was exposed to someone who had tested positive for Covid-19 a few days after we were together. I'll be completely honest. My first reaction was.... embarrassment and guilt.


After spending months alone in my apartment trying to mainly prevent the spread of the virus and contracting it myself, here I was in danger of being exposed. It was no ones fault, but my emotions were high. Like you, over the holiday weekend in my hometown for summer vacation I visited a few close friends for a BBQ. I am close with these people and although we hadn't spent time together in a while, i felt confident. Quarantine fatigue is a real thing. After a few drinks in our home setting our face masks became a thing in the past. I'm telling you this story so that maybe it reminds you that the threat of Covid is still alive and well and although QF ( quar fatigue) is real, don't relax your guard when you start to get carried away in conversation and festivities.

The Testing Process :

As soon as I was notified about possible exposure I internally freaked a little and then worked through these steps.

  • Googled where to get a test. I went with an urgent care location in my area that didn't require an appointment or referral.
  • Filled out insurance info online beforehand to save on wait times ( although it didn't do that much)
  • You NEED your licence and insurance card ( digital was fine.)
  • Prepare to wait in the lobby.
  • Bring a mask.
  • Contact the people you have been around.

The Testing:

  • The nurse administered my test .
  • The doctor came in after to answer my questions ( wish i had been prepared with more.) She essentially said its a waiting game but to avoid social contact and self isolate.
  • I was nervous about the actual swab in your nose. It wasn't that bad!! It's a few seconds and the q-tip is tiny ( not the size that goes in your ears.)
  • It's 10 circles in your nose, and once around the interior ( i believe, i was nervous in the moment.)
  • Test result times vary, unfortunately mine will take 5 business days.

As of right now, I don't have my results. I will let you know (pray for me) when I do. In the mean time, I am working form home and laying low. I don't feel like i have symptoms, but I am a little tired.

I don't want you to feel embarrassed if you feel like you have been exposed to the virus( I know i did.) Use it as a learning lesson and don't be afraid or prevent yourself from getting tested.

Photo: The girl in this picture tested negative for Covid.

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