Cashiers are No Longer Providing Coin Change at Checkout.

Kroger is eliminating change at in person check out stations. Here's Why:

  • There's a coin shortage at the Federal Reserve from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Change will still be given at self checkout stations

Customers will be asked to either round up their total and donate to Kroger's Hunger |Zero Waste Program OR will be given the remaining balance on a customer loyalty card.

"What's happened is that, with the partial closure of the economy, the flow of coins through the economy has kind of stopped," Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell said during a virtual hearing with the House Financial Services Committee last month.

"The places where you go to give your coins, and get credit at the store and get cash those have not been working. Stores have been closed," he said. "So the whole system has kind of, had come to a stop."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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