How to Keep Up With Mask Orders in Summer Heat

Phone, Keys, Wallet... Mask.

The accessory added to our checklist in the new normal has several benefits and in some cases is required, but how do we stay cool in the summer temps? Infectious disease Doctor, Thomas Lammare from Christ Medical Center in Cincinnati OH says, "you want a mask that balances your ability to breathe while catching small particles and droplets."

  • N95 are tight and dense fitting, but should be saved for professionals
  • Surgical masks work well.
  • Bandanna fabric can be too thin in some cases. A high thread count or breathable cotton is the best. Too much sweating can be ineffective

Here's a tip from Doctor Lammare, "if you can hold a mask up to the light and its shines through or you can see and you can see the fibers, it's probably not a great choice.

Here's the CDC guide to making your own mask

Here's my experience with testing for Covid-19

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