Avenue Beat Talks 'F2020' & Shares Favorite Fan-Made 'F2020' TikToks

It has been a difficult year, and as most people are eager for 2020 to be over, Avenue Beat — comprised of Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff — released a song called "F2020" that seems to capture the feelings of everyone right now, and naturally, it's going viral on TikTok.

Savana exclusively tells iHeartRadio of their new song, "I think 'F2020,' for us, was like a culmination of every bad thing that happened this year and then the biggest release ever. Because for us, writing is a way we can journal and diary about how we feel. And so, being able to put it out and have other people feel the exact same way is amazing."

The "biggest release ever" was only boosted as the song began trending on TikTok, Sam explains of their reaction to seeing so many people use their song to make videos on the app, "It felt really good to know that other people felt the same exact way that we were feeling, because during this time it can be really isolating and sad, and you can just get all in your head. But, to see that other people feel the same way is really comforting in a weird way."

The girls picked out a few "F2020" TikTok videos made by fans that caught their attention and shared them with us, which you can watch below. Sami tells us that it's difficult to pick favorites because the videos fans have been making have been really diverse. She said, "It's hard to pick a favorite because there are so many diverse videos and done by so many diverse people. There have been people who've made up dances to it, there have been makeup tutorials that have used it, people have done montages of all the crappy things that have happened to them this year. But, oh gosh, there are too many. It's like asking who's your favorite kid? We love them all."

Savana added, "Every video is my child."

Speaking of TikTok, the app has been keeping Avenue Beat busy during the coronavirus pandemic, while also helping them stay connected. As Savana explained, "Making TikToks, and making music, and staying up on TikTok for four hours at 2 AM when I can't sleep, and that's how I stay connected to them [fans]. I watch all their TikToks."

The trio also has a special, yet simple, message for fans: "Thank you." Sam added, "Thank you a million times. Thank you. None of this would be happening without any of them [fans] without them streaming or commenting and sharing with their friends. Literally, our dreams are coming true because of this community on TikTok that decided they liked the song and wanted to give it a life. That's so amazing to watch."

Photo: Delaney Royer

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