WATCH: Girl Learns Why You Don’t Put Your Finger Near A Turtle’s Mouth

I mean, you could see the ending coming from a mile away, here. At least it’s safe to say that this girl has learned her lesson and – spoiler - it didn’t cost her a finger.

TikToker nikkipfromdablock posted a video with the caption “Just a little throwback to when Allison put her finger in a turtles mouth 😂😂😂#fyp #foryou #foryoupage

In the video, a young girl (who we’re assuming is Allison) is seen poking at a small turtle, despite warnings from Nikki, who is holding the phone. “Put him down,” she warns. “He doesn’t like you.”

That’s when the turtle bites back, literally, chomping down on her finger.

“Let go,” she yells. “Let go!” It’s here that Allison learns another lesson – turtles do not respond to simple spoken commands.

Fast forward, and Ally is crying on the bathroom floor, holding her finger, as her pal Nikki laughs at her. Dry those tears, Allison – at least you're TikTok famous.

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