Dentist’s Viral TikTok Explains When You Should Be Brushing Your Teeth

A dental therapist has gone viral on TikTok for answering the age-old question of when you should brush and there’s a good chance you’re doing it wrong.

This week, TikToker Anna Peterson from London posted this video that advises viewers to bush their teeth before eating breakfast for the best results.

This advice may seem contrary to what you’ve always believed to be true, but Peterson says brushing after breakfast can actually cause negative effects. “When you eat breakfast your mouth becomes acidic, so what you’re doing when you brush your teeth after breakfast is brushing the acid into the tooth and this wears away the enamel," Peterson says. 

On the other hand, Peterson says brushing before breakfast protects your tooth enamel from these acids.

So far, Peterson’s video has received over 2.5 million views.

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