‘Winter Whopper’ Predicted For People Of Massachusetts This Upcoming Season

The people at the Farmers’ Almanac have released their predictions for winter 2022 and, overall, it’s looking like conditions will flip-flop all season in New England. Sure, that’s relatively normal for this part of the country, but some late winter storms in the forecast are expected to keep things interesting. Most notably, they’re predicting a “winter whopper” in late February and a nor'easter at the end of March.

Here’s what they’re saying in their extended forecast:

“In January, temperatures will start out mild for much of the country but will trend toward colder conditions during the middle to latter part of the month,” the forecast says. “But overall, the month will be stormy, especially along the Atlantic Seaboard where an active storm track will lead to a stretch of precipitation in various forms: rain, snow, sleet, and ice.”

This sounds like a typical January in New England, but things are expected to get a little more dynamic as 2022 stretches on.

Although the people at The Farmers’ Almanac predict February will start out quiet, with 57% fewer days of measurable precipitation compared to January, it could just be the calm before the storm in New England, as well as for the rest of the country.

“We’re forecasting a ‘winter whopper’ for parts of the Northeast and Ohio Valley toward the end of February,” the forecast says. “Another ‘atmospheric hemorrhage’ from the Pacific could lash most of the far West, with everything from strong winds to heavy rains and snow.”

As for March, the month is expected to be a microcosm of the entire winter before it. “From start to finish, the month will be full of stretches of uneventful weather, but when it turns stormy, the precipitation will com­­­­e in big doses,” the forecast says. “For the East and Midwest, for example, a late winter storm will blow in at mid-month followed by a nor’easter along the East Coast toward month’s end.”

…and one more thing. The forecast says that, essentially, with the on and off storm activity, there’s potential for blizzards during each of the first three months of 2022. “We are raising red flags for potent winter storms for the Great Lakes and the Northeast during the second week of January, the final week of February, and second week of March on account of bouts of heavy snow, rain, or a wintry mix of both,” the forecast says. “A possible blizzard is predicted for the Northern Plains and Rockies near the end of the third week of January.”

Keep checking those forecasts this winter - it could be a crazy one!

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

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