Watch: New Hampshire Woman Reels In 800 Pound Fish, Posts Video To TikTok

5’1” tall Michelle Cicale only has one thing to say when facing down a massive 800-pound tuna: “No limits!” That also happens to be the name of her boat and, clearly, the way she goes about her business. Check out this recent TikTok video of Cicale reeling in a massive fish, which has amassed over 215,000 views, to date:

The New Hampshire woman, said to be one of the only female tuna captains in the area, told Channel 7 that she’s trying to keep up with her male competitors. If her TikTok videos are any indication, it looks like she’s not having any problems there.

To put things in perspective, the average Atlantic bluefin tuna is said to be about 550 pounds, according to National Geographic. That's quite a bit smaller than the monster Cicale is seen battling on TikTok.

“When the rod bends… you don’t know the size of it until you get it in view,” she told Channel 7. “It was when I was lifting it out of the water and my friend was like, ‘Holy crap!’”

They need to put her on the next season of ‘Wicked Tuna’ after this haul!

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