Where Boston Accent Ranks Among Most Annoying To Americans

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Boston accents have been voted as the most annoying among all American dialects, according to a recent study.

Preply.com conducted a survey of 1,755 people to rank how popular both American and foreign accents were, which resulted in the Boston accent topping the list for most annoying accents, while also ranking as the fourth smartest sounding accent and sixth for sexiest, most trustworthy and overall American accent, according to Americans.

Here are the full results for the most annoying accents:

  1. Boston
  2. Souther
  3. New York
  4. Texas
  5. Chicago
  6. Long Island
  7. Midwestern
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Hawaiian English/Pidgin
  10. Pittsburgh
  11. New Orleans/Cajun English
  12. Appalachian
  13. Minnesota
  14. Southern California

British was selected as the favorite foreign accent for both men and women.

The study reported more than half of the respondents (52%) said they like the accent, with it also topping the list of sexiest and most trustworthy accents in the world, according to American respondents.

"It’s important to note that the United Kingdom has some of the most accent diversity in the English-speaking world," Preply.com's Kylie Moore wrote of the British accent. "There are “traditional” accents such as Cockney, Scouse, and the Queen’s English, along with newer accents (Estuary, General Northern)."

Preply.com surveyed 1,755 people and asked their feelings on the following accents: British, French, Canadian, German, Australian, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Greek, Irish, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, South African, Scottish, Welsh.

The website said 54% of respondents identified as male, 45% as female and 1% as nonbinary.

Welsh accents, on the other hand, were voted as the worst accents, the least sexy and the least trustworthy, according to American participants.

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