Man Charged With OUI Found Asleep Parked In Two Mass. State Police Spots

Photo: Massachusetts State Police

A man was charged with operating under the influence after he was found asleep inside his F-150 truck, which was taking up two parking spots designated for Massachusetts State Police, which also resulted in a restricted parking violation.

Wallace de Freitas, 39, of Framington, was arrested after Massachusetts State Police found his truck "parked across two spaces, perpendicular to the lines designated for the cruiser parking," the Massachusetts State Police Department confirmed in a post shared on their verified Facebook account on Thursday (November 17).

Two troopers spotted the truck while attempting to park in the Weston Barracks at 3:30 a.m. last Saturday (November 11).

The troopers were unable to find a parking spot due to the F-150 taking up two while parked across both.

Two men were spotted asleep inside the truck with keys inside. One trooper knocked on the window several times, but was unable to get a response from the two men who remained asleep.

A third trooper responded to the scene and was able to wake the two men in the truck.

The driver, identified as de Freitas, "sat up and attempted to put the truck into gear multiple times, by moving the shift lever with his right hand," according to the Facebook post.

Police said de Freitas was "shaking off his lethargic state" before stepping out of the truck and appeared to be "unsteady on his feet, smelled of alcohol, and slurred his speech" before agreeing to perform a field sobriety test and being placed under arrest and being released later that day.

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