Top 7 Horror Movies According To The 90s Kid

#7 The Ring

I've really tried hard to remove the thought of this film from my brain! Once you see the girl with long black hair coming towards you in the film -- you can never unsee it.  A classic horror flick that every 90s kid can recall. 


#6 Edward Scissorhands

don't know if we'd consider this a horror film but without question I was always terrified of this film.  This Tim Burton film is a class and Johnny Depp was flawless in it. Still one of my favorite early 90s classics! 


#5 I Know What You Did Last Summer

I am bias & adding this movie to the list because I always had a thing for Freddie Prince Jr. Plus the rest of the cast was stacked with 90s heavy-hitters like Jennifer Love Hewitt & Sarah Michelle Gellar. 


4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

To be honest - I'm still trying to figure out if this is a Christmas or Halloween movie but either way it's one of my favs! It definitely tops the list for 90s babies because we can't forget the Blink 182 reference of Jack & Sally in their hit "Miss You".  You're welcome for that reminder! :)


#3 The Blair Witch Project

I can still remember all the hype around this film when it was released. I was young but remember being terrified when the trailer popped up on tv. That made it so unique to its time was the way it was filmed. It wasn't your typical horror movie -- instead you felt like you were helping the trio film this terrifying experience. 


#2 The Sixth Sense

When you hear someone say "I See Dead People" you immediately know what they are talking about (ALSO, if they say it and are not referring to the film -- run away from them immediately ha).   This film resulted to a lot of sleepless nights in my youth. 


#1 Hocus Pocus

Okay, maybe not so much a horror film -- but still a Halloween classic.  Hocus Pocus is the perfect mixture of fun with a little bit of witchcraft.  A 90s classic. 



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