#TBT To The Biggest Hits Of The 2000s

From the patchwork jeans to the bandana tops -- the 2000s left their mark in fashion & of course music.  In honor of Throwback Thursday, I decided to take a trip down memory lane with some of my favs from that era !

We'll kick off in the year 2000. While the #1 song on the charts was Faith Hills "Breathe" the song that always sticks out to me is Sisqos' "Thong Song".  Classic! 


On to 2001. Lifehouse snagged the number 1 spot on the charts with their single "Hanging By The Moment" but let's be real... it should have gone to Alicia Keys.  "Fallin' was her breakout song & when I hear it still I have to belt it out at the top of my lungs! 


Alright - let's get into 2002. I'm going to give this to the #1 song on the charts that year because it's a classic & Nickelback deserves it.  In their prime, they released "How You Remind Me" & it turned out to be a smash. 


On to 2003 when Finding Nemo was breaking the box office & Beyonce was branching out on her own.  This is one of my favorite years in music with 50 Cent coming on the scene with "In Da Club" & "21 Questions" and Avril Lavignes' "I'm With You", Eminem, Aaliyah.. the list goes on & on.  My favorite that year was definitely Wayne Wonder "No Letting Go" because when it comes on -- even to this day -- I get so excited! 


2004... another year of great music with classics Ushers' "Burn" & Nina Sky "Move Ya Body" (which by the way what happened to her???).  My favorite song of that year though came from Hoobastank and as soon as you read that, you knew the exact song. :)  "The Reason


Okay -- on to the mid 2000s -- 2005 the year that Kanye West was nominated for the most Grammys (11 to be exact). And old school Kanye was my absolute favorite... now I just want him to stop talking. College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation... some of the most classic albums you'll hear & for that reason I'm taking "Gold Digger" featuring Jamie Foxx as my favorite from 2005. 


2006 -- the year I that I really started to enjoy going to Warp Tour & Bamboozle.. When Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Blink 182 & more were on constant rotation. 

For that reason, I take Panic! At The Disco "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" as my top pick that year.  Which was not an easy choice considering Rihanna was emerging that year! But I love this song & it remains a classic! 


Since I didn't take Riri in 2006 -- you know I'm doing it in 2007.  A breakout year for her as we fast forward to 2018 -- 11 years later she's still get paid & living her best life. "Umbrella" featuring Jay Z takes my top spot! 


We continue on into 2008... when everyone & their mom was sporting bangs! With Chris Brown, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake & Taylor Swift releasing multiple songs on the charts -- my favorite that year goes to - without question Ne-yo for "Miss Independent"... I may or may not have sent it to my ex-boyfriend on MySpace. 


2009 & I'm automatically giving this to Taylor Swift.  1. Because I enjoy her music but 2. because what Kanye pulled that year at the MTV Video Music Awards.  We all remember the "I'ma let you finish..." and YES I'm still talking about it. That year Taylor had 3 major hits but the one that sticks out is "Love Story" 


On to 2010 & as we close out the decade we saw Ke$ha, Taio Cruz & Lady Antebellum at the top of the charts.  Although they all had major hits that year the one that does it for me Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are".  Bruno started to emerge as his own artist by the late 2000s & gifted the us with his pure amazingness!  (P.S.A to men -- this song is how you should talk about your girl!)



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