Another Video of Olive Jade Complaining That She Hates School

Well, who'd a known this would come back to haunt her. Social media star & daughter of Lori Loughlin has a deep catalogue of videos on YouTube highlighting her life.

Another video has resurfaced after the College Admissions Scandal in which Lori allegedly "agreed to pay bribes totally $500,000" to get her daughters into USC. Lori was arrested as a result.

The video was taken on Olivia's final day of senior year & it's tough to watch! Skip to the end (4:24) to hear her say the following:

"I’m home and I’ve never been so happy to be anywhere in my whole entire life. On a real note, though, I know that I complain about school. I mean, who actually enjoys going to school? If you do, I’m very jealous. But I also feel the need to say that for all of us that like to complain about school, ’cause I get how much it sucks, we have to remember how lucky we are to have an education and how many people would kill to have a good education or an education at all. So, as much as I hate it…I still hate it but I’m grateful that I get to be educated, even though I hate it. You know?"

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