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MA Man Asks TikTok For Wedding Date; Thousands Reply

Photo: Getty Images

He promised dancing, cute pics and a French fry bar. Now, he just might be the most eligible bachelor in New England - maybe the world.

31-year-old Steve, a.k.a. @zamboniman55, posted a TikTok video this week, looking for a date to a wedding in central Massachusetts on September 30. He captioned the post simply “Care to join me at a beautiful wedding!?”

Cute idea, right? Steve thought so too. What he didn’t think, though, was that the video would get viewed over 4.4 million times in just a few days. Even celebrities have slid into the comments, including Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles. She encouraged Steve to pick fan-favorite Emily from Rhode Island, the first person to respond to his video.

“Ok. Wow! I did not expect that to blow up like it did. I’m just flabergasted,” Steve said in a follow-up post.

The now-viral bachelor must wade through over 11.7 thousand comments to find his date. The response has been so huge, in fact, that Steve created an online application to help him whittle down his options.

In another follow-up, Steve said he has been chatting with fan favorite Emily and they are “seeing where it goes.” Fingers crossed!

28-year-old Emily submitted her own “application video” to TikTok. Honestly, if he doesn’t pick her at this point, there may be protests in the streets.

Steve is a self-proclaimed “half nerd/half jock” with no kids and a “dad bod.” He is narrowing in on 20 thousand TikTok followers at the time of publication. Way to go, Steve! We're 100% team Emily, btw.

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