Cardi B Just Set The Record For Most Butts Twerking in a Music Video

So... Uhhhh... Definitely NSFW!!!


I hope the title of this blog doesn't get me in trouble because honestly I have no idea if this is a world record or not. It is definitely an Ethan record for sure though. I'm not trying to be sleazy here AT ALL but I didn't even realize there was music playing until halfway through the video. Okay but now to the serious stuff...

Someone won $25,000 FOR SHAKING THEIR BOOTY?!?!?! Look I know as a male, especially a white male, my people have had a good run of being at the top. We have things handed to us all the time. But you will never see me win a 25k twerking challenge EVER. I could train for YEARS and no one would ever pay me any money at all to watch me twerk... Trust me I've tried. I've wall twerked and everything. So while everyone hates on this video (it's called Twerk how did you not expect it to be like this) I'm just going to cheer them on to get that money! 

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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