Sole Winner Of $1.5 Billion Lotto Just Came Forward.. Had 1 Month To Spare

Really??? SERIOUSLY??? I mean come on you wait all this time and you come forward with one month to spare? I'm not only upset because I didn't win the largest lottery prize of all time but because this person had the chance to do something awesome. Just imagine, you wait until there's one hour left and you have everyone at the office sweating bullets. You go to work and start a fight with everyone and tell your boss to F OFF! Then you walk out and weave and dodge through traffic trying to make it on time. That's a Tom Cruise movie waiting to happen.

Seriously kudos to this person. I know everyone says you should take your time and get your affairs in order. Get a lawyer and business team so you know what to do with all this money. If it's me though there is no way I could wait until all that is set. I'm such an anxious person people would immediately know something is up. To be honest I'd straight up lose the ticket if I waited more than an hour after finding out I'm the winner. Like imagine putting off taking a private jet to somewhere not yet discovered... How do you put that off until the last month??? Anyway, here's the full story on the winner. Apparently they let someone go in front of them at line... UNREAL!!!!!

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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