$100k Cash Dumped All Over Highway... Crazy People Turn the Money In??

Look I don't care who you are... Rich or poor... If money drops on the ground and you see it you pick it up. It's like an early Christmas present (Hannukah if you're a yid like me) and you don't pass that up. Well apparently, these people didn't get the memo...


Yup, that's right. Around $100k spilled out of an armored truck. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!! It looked like a strip club on the highway. So you'd think these people would be grabbing as much cash as they can and running right? WRONG!!!


The police department put up a post about the money asking people to return it.... AND THEY DID!!


Look, I don't know if Karma is real but if it is then these people who returned all that cash better have unlimited good karma lined up for the rest of their lives. I mean that one pic looks like some scraped up a couple thousand dollars. All I have to say is these people are way better than I. I would have been running for dear life with as much money as these hands could hold.

Ethan Cole

Ethan Cole

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