Your Amazon Alexa Is Apparently Recording You Having Sex

That headline got your attention didn't it? Luckily for me the only thing Alexa is recording in my home is how upset I get when a little kid kills me in Call of Duty and I yell horrible obscenities directed at his mother. But for real though, are you really surprised?

According to the Daily News, Amazon staff review a lot of hours of recordings from the Alexa device and that does include arguments and sex. If you own an Alexa you know that sometimes you say something and Alexa picks it up and starts talking and you're just like no shut up that wasn't for you!!!!!! Well, apparently some people are saying little triggers during adult time with their partners and that is activating the Alexa so they start recording and the clips are sent off to be reviewed.

If I'm being totally honest I'm not mad that Amazon employees might be hearing this, I mad they aren't being more supportive. Like they're over there listening and they aren't cheering me on? Alright pal sorry I'm not the best but the least you could do is hype me up so it appears like I'm good at what I'm doing. For real though we all saw I, Robot with Will Smith so we all knew this was coming. Machines are taking over. In order to combat this maybe we just unplug Alexa before adult time. Since we are on the topic here's a funny little video fo all the times Alexa has been acting up....

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