Add "West Nile" To The List of Viruses Coming For Us

What... And I cannot stress this enough.... THE F*CK... Is going on in the world. I Mean seriously. I was scrolling Twitter when I came across this...

I'm not even trying to make a joke here, Coronavirus is kicking our butts. So many Americans dead. More and more getting sick each day. Countries putting us on a ban list so we can't fly there. Now we have to worry about West Nile Virus? WTF man??? I didn't sign up for this. I wanted beaches and babes not mosquitos and ho... Nevermind. But for real look at this little tid bit from the above article...

Mosquitos can transmit disease, sense heat, even smell carbon dioxide coming out of human bodies. In Orange County, vector control employees normally see an average of 24 mosquitos in a trap. Now, they're seeing 118.
"We do look at the region - Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego - have already had positive West Nile mosquitos in their traps,” she said. “Our district lines are invisible. There’s no line (to) say ‘no mosquitos or birds with West Nile, don’t come this way.’”
It's only a matter of time before those county and state lines are blurred. Mosquitos don't see barriers. And then, there's the coronavirus factor.
“People are staying home due to COVID regulations so people are gardening, more projects, more plants, watering more,” Hyland said. “Those lead to cryptic sources so you’ll have little tiny pockets around your yard with standing water.”

People are trying to stay home and mind their business by having gardens and pools and what not. Now apparently that is attracting mosquitos. This is a cruel cruel world. I need Elon Musk to build that space ship to Mars ASAP so I can get on and never come back!

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