There's A FREAKING Ketchup Shortage!!?!

Source - Restaurants can’t catch up with the demand for ketchup.
Prices for ketchup packets have gone up 13% since January 2020, according to data from Plate IQ, a restaurant industry technology platform, as reported byThe Wall Street Journal. A shortage of America’s favoritecondimentis the latest to hit the foodservice industry amid an increased demand for takeout amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

I AM FURIOUS!!! Just when I thought things were looking up the country had to go and run out of ketchup?? The article says that demand for takeout increased but I think we all know the real reason...

That's right, those huge ketchup packs from Coscto. Every time I go there to shop and I just want to pick up a thing of ketchup they force you to buy what ends up being a 3 year supply of ketchup. Look I get it, you sell things in bulk. But there are just certain things you don't need all that bulk. Another one is the steak sauce. You have to buy two. WHO IS USING THAT MUCH STEAKSAUCE????? Anyway, back to the ketchup shortage.

This genuinely sucks because I love ketchup. The End