Guy Lived in "Fancy" Storage Locker for 2 Months. You Gotta See This.


Obviously we all have questions. The poster was nice enough to answer a few of them on a Reddit Q&A session

Where do you go to the bathroom?

The building I was in had 2 customer bathrooms. They were single stall too, so private.

Where do you shower?

At the gym or community center. I workout every day so Im always clean. I did have plans to build a popup shower that attached to the bathroom sink with a hose (Hot water) and trickle down through a popup stall. This would have worked because the bathroom was large and had a floor drain. Ultimately I did not stay long enough to actually make it.

Costs and size? 

Rent was $200 a month (including insurance). The unit was 10x10x6 (LxWxH). The hardware costs for the shelving (wood) and water containers was around $50-$100, I don't quite remember. The L brackets, screws, flooring and other hardware I used cost significantly more but that was all stuff I already owned, used from previous projects.

What about sound?

I could put my Tv on really loud and with the door shut you couldn't hear anything farther than 1 unit away. Neighbors only came to their units a couple of times a month for 10 minutes and I would be quite when I heard them opening their units. The way the place was I could hear everything outside but nobody could hear inside.

Stealing Power, Staff, Cameras, Coming and Going? 

Staff knew about my power and charged me $5 a month for it. The keeping it hidden part was from the customers, to keep a low profile and so I didnt need to keep unplugging the power.

Cameras where at the entrances to the building. I had 24 hour access, I was allowed to be there at anytime for as long as I wanted. The only rule I broke was "sleeping" there.

The staff loved me. Even other customers loved me because I would often help them lift/move stuff if I was bored, answer questions about the facility they had and since I was there all the time, I was sort of a security presence. I even chased off a couple shady individuals who came around at night.

Internet? What about your WiFi signal?

Yup, phone data plan, 10GB. The place also had WiFi. I disabled SSID broadcast on my router.

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