The Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs!

The FBI shared the birth dates of serial killers and people who show psychopathic tendencies. And as you can imagine, statistics can show which star sign is more inclined to which types of crimes.

Here is the list of the most dangerous zodiac signs listed from innocent to evil-est!

12. Gemini 

11. Aquarius 

10. Leos

It was also mentioned that when a Leo commits murder, it is mostly to attract attention.


It is likely that Libras resort to violence when others take advantage of their good intentions.

8. Virgo!

Virgos are more prone to theft and fraud rather than murders, though.

7. Pisces

People born under Pisces sign usually commit more extraordinary murders thanks to their tendency toward addiction.

6. Capricorn

5. Aries 

4. Taurus

3. Scorpio 

And these people don’t go for small-scale individual crimes. For example, Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, and Stalin were all Sagittarius. They go for bigger crimes and kill in masses and announce themselves “leaders.”

2. Sagittarius

Because most serial killers were born in November, the majority of them are Sagittarius and the rest are Scorpios. They are known to be sadistic murderers.

1. Cancer

They usually kill because of jealousy. Their mood swings seem to cause trouble!

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