12 foods you can safely eat past their use by date

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My family is obsessed with the "SELL BY DATE" and constantly are throwing things away.  However, here are 12 items you can safely use past the sell by date.

  1. Bread - in fridge - 2 weeks
  2. Hard Cheese - hard cheese can be used well past the sell by date.  If there is mold, just cut it off.
  3. Yogurt - generally 2 weeks but if it smells bad don't take chance
  4. Eggs - 3 weeks
  5. Cookies - 3 weeks
  6. Chocolate - no harm eating well past the sell by date - worse case break up and use in cookies
  7. Pasta - one year
  8. Preserved foods - pickles, beets (anything salted or acidic vinegar)- 2 years
  9. Canned Beans - 4 years
  10. Alcohol - indefinitely!  AWESOME
  11. Frozen veggies - indefinitely!
  12. Milk - as long as it doesn't smell and it tastes fine there is no need to worry about the sell by date.

(Daily Mail)

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