5 calls we can blame the refs for Super Bowl loss

No sense crying over spilled milk but reason #1 should have been a penalty for sure!  But here is a list of the top 5 calls blown in the Super Bowl this past Sunday.

5. Brandin Cooks’ concussion - This was one of the nasty hits I have ever seen and should have been flagged


4. Nick Foles’ touchdown catch - I am not 100% sure that Alshon Jeffery was lined up properly on that trick play.  Thanks to Matt Chatham for bring this to light! 


3. Corey Clement’s touchdown catch - my head is spinning regard the catch rule in the NFL.  It looked to me that the ball moved.

2. Zach Ertz’s touchdown catch - again the rules regarding what is and isn't a catch is very confusing and listen I agree you can't have refs deciding a games out come, but looked exactly like the Patriots Steelers Game with Jesse James 


1. The Hail Mary - I didn't see it when it first happened and again having a ref decide the outcome on the last play of a game would drive anyone crazy  but Chris Hogan was literally pushed to to the ground 30 yards down the field.  See the clip below around :38 mark


Bonus - this one does not involved refs but I really need to understand and process the Bulter benching.  Trust me I respect Bill and the choices he makes 100% of the time and I am confident there is more that he knows that we don't and I get that.  But not having him Butler in the 3rd or at least the 4th quarter certainly wouldn't have saved the game but really the Defense just needed one stop to make.  One! 

I am sure we will find out the answer some day, but for know it remains a mystery! 

Joe Public

Joe Public

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