MY Pick For Best Picture At The Oscars

The Oscars are here! So many great films are up for awards, but one has my pick for Best Picture.

Moonlight. My brother told me about this movie back in October when he watched it at the Kendall Square Theater in Cambridge. He raved and raved about how much he liked it.

Now, before I go on I must admit I have not watched every movie nominated this year, but I've seen most of them. Therefore, my opinion is a little biased and unfair. I also know that LaLa Land will likely clean up on most, including this, category. 

Moonlight is the story of a young black man trying to find himself from childhood to adulthood growing up on the rough side of Miami. The themes presented in the film are: sexuality, identity, drug addiction, masculinity, family, and love.

Moonlight is very much a character-driven film that doesn't need any special effects or CGI to get its point across. Instead, it focuses on human connection in a world where the characters weren't taught how to react to their feelings.

I won't give too much else away, other than it is a great - and also emotional - film.

Check out the trailer below.



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