Is Kanye West Releasing A New Project Next Week?!

There is some weird stuff going on with Kanye West right now.

MTV reports that its staff were sent a package today (March 15) containing a box “bearing the logo of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab”, a VHS tape featuring two hours of static and labelled ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ (which is the traditional motto of the United States of America), plus a mocked-up credit card in West’s name, along with the number 772233688 (which spells ‘Spaced Out’ on a phone key pad) and the words NASA and PROJECT-10. 


A website has also been found featuring the same number and including the date March 20, which is next Monday, along with a short Vimeo clip featuring two minutes of static.

MTV speculates that West could be set to release his tenth album (if you include ‘Watch The Throne’ and ‘Cruel Summer’) next week.

Also, you may have read that a 20-year-old filmmaker named Julian Klincewicz has been trailing Kanye with what appears to be an old-school VHS camcorder over the last year, which makes the VHS theme make sense.

Read the full story including the 2-minute static video here

Photo: Getty Images

Here is a picture of the card Kanye sent MTV.

(Shoutout @Danalations)


...and the video taping goes back to at least last summer.



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