I Respect Ed Sheeran So Much For This

Ed Sheeran doesn’t want fans hating him, especially if he didn’t do anything wrong. The singer recently reached out to a fan who was furious that a video of her performing a cover of “Castle on the Hill” was pulled from Facebook, although he wasn’t the one who had it pulled.

Charlotte Campbell posted a short snippet of her take on the tune, but the label had it pulled because of licensing issues and she was frozen out of her own account for three days. Charlotte, however, didn’t realize that Ed had nothing to do with the removal and went on YouTube to complain about what happened, and took it out on Ed.

Charlotte said she was “hurt” by what happened, noting, “Ed Sheeran has 15,638,000 followers on Facebook and he’s fretting about 13,000 people hearing a song that he wrote that I credited him for writing. I don’t see the point.” 

Ed was quick to jump to his own defense, and apologized to Charlotte even though he had nothing to do with the song getting pulled. He said, “I bloody love seeing people cover my songs” and explained that it was yanked by a “bot” from his label. He also said that he was personally going to get it all “sorted out.” 

Charlotte gladly accepted Ed’s apology, adding, “Thank you Ed. Ever the gentleman.”

Bravo Ed Sheeran


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