Lebron James Reveals a HUGE Secret About His Mom

Lebron James was recently featured on the Road Trippin' with R.J & Channing podcast - where he revealed something about his mom.

James says that in 4th grade he missed 82 of 181 days of school. Here's what he said:

“Me and my mom went to school one day in the spring time, and my teacher was like, ‘Your son applies himself so much when he’s here, but he’s never here,’" James said. "And my mom said, ‘What can we do so my son doesn’t fail? I don’t want my son to feel like he’s a failure.’ My teacher at the time, and I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, she gave us a stack—and I wish the listeners could see the stack of papers—she said, ‘If your son can finish this stack of extra credit, we’ll pass him." 

So what did Mama James do?

"This how G my momma is," he said. "Me and my momma went home, split the extra credit papers. She did half and I did half. We turned that shit in, and they passed me. That’s why my momma a G to this day." 

And now look at him, the biggest athlete in the world!

Check out the full podcast here (Skip to the 43:10 mark for the revelation)



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