This NFL Player Will Literally Get RICHER By Getting SLIMMER

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Eddie Lacy lives the life envied by many by getting paid millions to play football for a living, but this will make you even more jealous.

The new Seahawks running back will get paid for losing a few pounds through the rest of the year.

$55,000 for every 5 pounds to be exact!

Structured into his 1-year, 5.5 million dollar contract there are weight incentives for him to lean up.

The Seahawks are hoping to get Lacy down to a playing weight of 245lbs for the season, check out the breakdown below.

Oh, and I should add, Lacy has been hitting it pretty hard in the kitchen this offseason and has packed on some extra weight LOL


S/O to this video I was tagged in goin way back to my high school days 🔥🔥🔥 #TheJourney

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