What's 'The Most Interesting Man In The World' Up To These Days?

Everyone knows and loves 'The Most Interesting Man In The World,' the hugely popular former spokesman for Dos Equis beer. 

But since he retired and passed the torch what has he been up to?

Well, for starters he lives a quiet life in freaking Vermont!

And today, he is judging a beard competition called Vermont Beardies in Burlington, VT.

Actor Jonathan Goldsmith sports a closely cropped white beard that he maintains with a lice comb given to him by a veterinarian. He is one of four judges who will choose the contest’s winner in Burlington.

The competition will be judged in three categories: urban beard, freestyle and backwoods. Each contestant will also have to tell an interesting story about his beard. The competitors have already posted photos of their beards online and they are asking for donations. (Donate here)

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