12 Of The SCARIEST Documentaries on Netflix RIGHT NOW

Documentary Freaks: Listen up!

If you're a true documentary person you may have seen some of, if not all, of these documentaries. If you haven't, you may want to take note of these - the scariest documentaries on Netflix right now.

I want to go through a few that I've seen and can say freaked me THE HELL OUT!

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You ready?

Killer Legends

I mean, even the trailer poster is scary. 

We've all heard the Urban Legends that haunt our neighborhoods - but what happens when real people act out these heinous crimes?

Check out the trailer...


The Imposter

When I tell you this true story is beyond belief, I am not taking you for a ride.

This is the story of a boy who disappeared back in the 90s and then mysteriously reappears years later....in a different country...speaking a different language....and looking completely different!

Check it out....


Glory Daze

Oooh Michael Alig. For those who don't know, Michael Alig is the infamous Club Kid King from the 80s and 90s whose crazy story took a sad turn when in a drug-fueled rage he murdered his friend and drug dealer. 

There's so much more to the story, and was even made into a major motion picture called Party Monster

This doc takes it a bit deeper though...



This one creeped me out....bad. It's the story of two people who document their investigation into children's kidnappings and disappearances from their hometown when they were younger.

The truth is truly terrifying.



Interview With A Serial Killer

The title says it all. Ever wondered what goes on in a serial killer's head? You too huh?

Well, you get all the grisly details in this one. 

This one goes one on one with the Genesee River Killer - who killed 11 women in the late 1980s

Here's a clip...



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