Drink Anyone? Brewery Makes Beer Out Of SEWER WATER

File this one under: WTF

Stone Brewing Company in San Diego just created a new beer called Full Circle Pale Ale that's made out of . . . sewage water.  

The people at Stone Brewing SWEAR the water has been treated so it's safe to drink.  And they wanted to make it because one day in the more environmentally-friendly future, we'll all be drinking treated and recycled water.

And if you want to take the brewer's word for it, the beer is actually pretty good.  

Quote, "Among the pale ales I've made, it's probably in the top three . . . it's a very clean-tasting beer."

It hasn't gone on sale yet, but soon. Our old friend Ethan Cole now resides in San Diego - let's see if he will try the sewer beer.

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