Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s iOS 10.3

Apple has announced the official rollout of operating systems iOS 10.3.

The changes to iOS 10.3 aren't anything too exciting.

If you happen to lose sight of your AirPods, you can now locate them on a map providing they’re in close proximity to an iOS device at home. If that doesn’t work, the Find My iPhone app is able to flag up the last location you were posted with them.

For CarPlay users, a selection of features have been incorporated. Daily playlist and new music recommendations will now appear in Apple Music, along with shortcuts in the status bar showing your last used apps.

Siri now supports scheduling with ride-sharing apps, and iTunes rentals can finally be watched cross-platform rather than solely on the one originally booked on. The settings app has also been given a revamp for further ease of use.

iOS 10.3 is available to download right now.


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