What Is Mastodon? And Why Are People Leaving Twitter To Go There?

Do you love Twitter but hate the 140 character limit, advertisements, racist and sexist chatter, and the fact messages no longer show in chronological order? Then perhaps you’ll be interested in Mastodon— a new alternative that already has over 40,000 users.

Mastodon was founded by a German dude who had become pissed off at what he called the “Facebookification” of Twitter. 

The Mastodon rules  prohibit “racism or advocation of racism,” “sexism or advocation of sexism,” “discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof” and “xenophobic and/or violent nationalism.” Advertising of any kind is also banned.

But it’s not just the rule book that is appealing to users. You are also limited to not 140, but 500 characters, and can be signed off with a disclaimer or even made private. Like old Twitter, Tweets are shown in chronological order, rather than algorithmically.

Sign-up numbers have spiked to the point where registrations have been closed “until quality of service can be assured for existing users.” The network has grown by an insane 73 percent in two days.

Maybe I'll give it a shot. If you are a Mastodon user hit me up and tell me your opinion!


Check out some of the Twitter reactions so far below.


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