CRAZY: Prankster Tricks Everyone Into Believing He Escaped From Prison On Snapchat (WATCH)

A Snapchat story of a British criminal's journey to escape prison has surfaced on the internet.

The three-minute video begins with the man waking up in his cell, declaring that he will escape from prison. "I'm breaking out today, he says." When he gets into the car park, he writes, "Made it to the car park, they missed me. So close to the gate! Just need to get through that alley."

Come nightfall, he hides within various secluded spots as he makes it closer towards the gate. Suddenly, he sees danger.

"It prob won't end well and I'm gonna get an extra year, but I'm gonna give it a go!!!!! If you see no more updates, you know what happened," he warned viewers.

As he climbs through more obstacles, he finally climbs through the gate.

While many people believed the video was real, it was revealed that the whole situation was done by YouTube prankster Helder Gomes, who is part of the team behind the hugely popular viral channel Trollstation.

The prank was staged at a closed down prison, HMP Shrewsbury, which is now a tourist spot.

Very creative! Check out the video...




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