Free Wendy's Nuggets For a Year? This Kid Wants YOUR Help To Get Them

A Twitter user is on a mission to get free Wendy's chicken nuggets for one year...and all he needs is 18 million retweets, Wendy’s said.

His quest began Wednesday, when user Carter Wilkerson tweeted at the fast food chain, "Yo, @Wendys, how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?" 

The official Wendy’s account replied with "18 million," which would easily be the most retweets ever. 

Undaunted, Wilkerson replied, "Consider it done."

Now, a plea by Wilkerson, whose account @carterjwm has hit over 250,000 retweets, and he's gunning for more. "A man needs his nuggs," he wrote.

Just a point of reference the record most every retweets was set by Ellen Degeneres for her Oscar's selfie.

Good luck Carter


They're even trying to get Ellen to RT....


...and Wendy's is already super impressed



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