OUCH Chris Brown & Lil Wayne Named In FBI Drug Investigation

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne have found themselves right in the middle of an FBI drug investigation.

The rapper and singer have been named in a criminal case involving producer Harrison “Cuban Harry” Garcia, who has been accused of orchestrating pharmacy robberies to obtain a large amount of codeine.

During Garcia's trial hearing this week, U.S. Homeland Security Agent Kevin Selent claimed the producer confessed to selling “a lot of narcotics” to Lil Wayne following his arrest last October. Garcia’s attorney Gustavo Lage pressed the agent for more details about the supposed confession, but Selent said he was unable to expand as it was still an open investigation.

The messages regarding Brown were much more obvious, as the producer had sent a woman a screenshot of the $15,000 wire transfer from a “Christopher Brown.” “Look who put money in my account,” Garcia wrote. The woman asked what the payment was for, to which Garcia replied: "Drugs..."

Garcia's Instagram page is also a major piece of evidence against him as it is full of pictures with the rappers and living an extravagant lifestyle that they say was funded by drug money.

More to come as the trial unfolds.


Photo: Getty Images



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