Wise Is Getting Sued For Selling Half-Filled Bags of Chips

I know everyone can get with me on this. You buy a large bag of potato chips only to open it up and it find it less than half-way full.

So annoying. 

And now, two people have had enough and are taking the issue to court!

Wise Foods, a Pennsylvania-based company that currently distributes products up and down the East Coast, is being sued by two people for what the plaintiffs claim is "false advertising." 

Sameline Alce and Desiré Nugent filed the lawsuit earlier in the week, and they're taking this age-old struggle of chip buyers to the court system.

The legal matter will rest on the judgment of whether the courts see fit to consider package size part of the "advertising." Wise's labels accurately reflect the weight of the product inside their bag, according to the suit, but they only fill up to the 2.5 inch line in a 10-inch bag. Despite the alignment of the weight with the labels, Alce and Nugent believe selling a 75-percent-empty bag isn't fair to the customer. 

As part of the complaint, the plaintiffs state their belief that "even if Defendant’s net weight disclosures are accurate, such does not eliminate this basic deception.”

LOL I have to say I respect this so much.




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