Ever Wonder How Much George Foreman Made From Those Grills? (WATCH)

George Foreman is an accomplished boxer who won the world heavyweight championship twice. Along with that, the boxer transitioned into selling one of the most popular grills to be created: The Foreman Grill. The grill was extremely popular, but many did not know how much the boxer was earning from the grill. 

Now, in a segment from the show 'In Depth with Graham Bensinger,' the boxer revealed that he was earning five million dollars per month from the grill. Foreman gave some insight into how he started the business, saying he formed a joint venture with Salton Inc. and he had done the promotional work for the product.

When asked if it was true that he had checks coming in at the amount of four million dollars per month, Foreman said "Five million. I fought my last boxing match in Atlantic City. Everyone said 'You were robbed, you were robbed, George!' They were booing the fight, and there my attorney brought me a one million dollar royalty check [for] the grill. I said that's not what we call being robbed. In my day, you didn't have anything."

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