LMAO Half-Naked Woman Runs Out On Plastic Surgery Bill (WATCH)

Police have released a video taken via body-cam that shows a woman fleeing from capture after two South Miami officers showed up to confront her at a plastic surgeon's office.

The police had been called to the establishment by an employee who identified her as someone who had defrauded the office in the past, as she once again showed up for a consultation baring a suspicious credit card. As soon as they arrived, the woman [who has been identified as 27-year-old Paula Johnson] made a run for it, managing to make it out of the building, through the parking lot and into her car as officers gave chase. With weapons drawn towards the vehicle, and the officers screaming for her to yield, Johnson kept driving forward, until she halted with one of the officers standing before her hood. Johnson momentarily lifted her hands in the drivers seat, but as soon as she got the opportunity she put the car in drive once more, making a get away.

Johnson, who has a record which includes charges for grand theft, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, is now being sought for the scam and escape. A friend who she had attended the consultation with was reportedly detained, but was soon released without incurring any charges.




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