Cops Are On The Hunt For This Subway Surfer (INSANE VIDEO)

Police in New York are currently on the hunt for a person who keeps riding the tops of trains and filming himself for Instagram.

The video is pretty insane, and shows him riding the train.

The surfer, identified by sources as Christopher Guttilla, has repeatedly filmed himself riding on the top of N and W trains in Astoria near the 36th Ave. station.

The videos have appeared on a friend's Instagram account.

The NYPD has launched a manhunt for Guttilla after police sent out pictures of him.

In one video a subway surfer believed to be Guttilla records himself on top of subway cars rolling through Queens and talks about his love of trains.

"It's an inanimate object, but this inanimate object is family to me and others obsessed with trains," he said. "I have an addiction riding on top of the trains… whether I like it or not. The train is all I got."

Crazy. Check out the video.




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