DAMN: Aaron Hernandez's Lawyer Says He's Getting Him Out of Prison

Even though Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty of double murder this week - there's still that life sentence he is serving for murdering Odin Lloyd.

Now, Jose Baez, this lawyers that got him off (and also Casey Anthony), says he is confident he can get Hernandez out of prison by winning an appeal of the Odin conviction, should the former Patriots tight end select to hire his services again. 

"If we look back at some of the things that are available to appeal in that case, I think there's a strong likelihood," Baez told TMZ, in response to question as to whether he thinks he'd have a shot at getting Hernandez home. "And if he hires me for the second trial we're going to go all at it, and nothing would make me happier than to prove everybody wrong."

Baez admits that being able to afford him again might be a long shot considering he has evaluated Hernandez' financial standing and knows what he is currently capable of putting together. But he says that the fallen footballer is capable with the help of his network of friends and family, who came through for him this time around.

Baez says he truly believes Hernandez to be innocent after getting a feel for who he is as a person, saying "The Aaron that I know is not anywhere near what he is portrayed to be. He's a very intelligent young man. Funny, caring, humble and very grateful for all of those people who've stood by him," while pointing to the number of supporters who've chosen to stick by him as evidence of what a positive person people find him to be.

This could be a very real possibility. Imagine?




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