LOL You Can Now SAFELY Send Nude Selfies Of Yourself (WATCH)

The adult website Pornhub wants to help you send naked selfies to other people safely.

The internet’s biggest porn site has just announced TrickPics, an app with augmented reality filters that allow you to send photos of your junk, conscious-free.

TrickPics allows users to choose from over 15 animations, including “d*ck in a box,” “knock knockers,” and “trouser snake.” LOL

Once the filter has been applied, the image can then be sent to friends or uploaded to social media without the threat of censorship.

To mark the app’s rollout, tagging the website in your TrickPics selfie will entitle you to a free 14-day PornHub Premium trial. 

Watch the wholesome animation below. The app is free on the app store.




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