Is There a Justin Bieber Sports Curse?

What exactly is the Justin Bieber Sports Curse and is it real?

Justin Bieber has been spotted out and about at Toronto Maple Leafs games recently, and fans and local media were not too pleased about it.

 When he appeared on the Jumbotron during the team's Game 6 loss to the Washington Capitals on Sunday night—a loss that knocked the team out of the NHL Playoffs—a lot of people knew Toronto's run was over:


Let's look at some evidence.

The Spanish national soccer team was the hottest thing in sports for about five months, until Bieber jumped on the bandwagon.

They couldn't even get past the group stage of the 2014 World Cup.


In 2014, the Biebs visited the Steelers, who were playing the Jets. The Jets had lost eight straight games, which should have made for an easy win for Pittsburgh. 

Nope, they rocked the Steelers 20-13


And many Giants fans blame Justin for the 2016-17 season coming to an end once he got close with Odell Beckham Jr......





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